Web Development

Web Development

The main task of our team is to find the best solutions for your business. Unlike our competitors, we use complex approach to the job! We do not simply design or built your website, we comprehensively solve our aims. We start developing a brand from scratch. We know definitely what to do. We understand the importance of corporate identity and know how to present you to the clients. We know how to increase site traffic, promote and advertise it.

Creating a web site goes through several stages.

1. Setting of goals and objectives

Clients express their demands and expectations towards the site.

2. Preparing of project documentation

According to clients’ requirements and requests, goals and objectives, we arrange site structure, prepare project and contractual documentation: contract, specifications and working schedule on the site.

3. Web design

According to the approved specifications, we create site design concept and its typical pages.

4. Website pages makeup

After the approval of web design pages are making up and are placed on the test site for customer approval.

5. Website development

We create a full frame site and plug in all the needed modules and services.

6. Filling the content

Textual and graphical information (content) provided by the client is added to the site.

7. Site testing

Site efficiency is checked during this phase to eliminate all possible errors.

8. Starting of the Internet project

The project is transferred to the official domain and becomes available for users. It may be managed by the owners (according to provided instructions).

9. Site promotion (if necessary)

Only after the official launch of the site domain, the complex of works to promote the site in search engines may be carried out. It is time to start an advertising company and connect to the statistics service.

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