Usability Lab

Solution of Business Problems

Usability is an approach based on the users’ interests, which allows realizing the reserves of your goods and services with maximum efficiency. Such method helps to increase your business performance by several times. Its aim is to find the optimal balance between users’ satisfaction and the achievements of business performance.

The majority of visitors leave sites without making any significant actions for the growth of the particular business. They: do not register, do not buy anything, do not leave comments.

The matter is in the point that the site does not meet clients’ expectations.

We use user-oriented approach, allowing the increase of the percentage of registered users (consequently the customer base of your business) by several times.

Sales Growth

Even without the growth of customer base, you can earn more with your business by optimizing mechanisms of buying goods on the site be means of focusing clients’ attention in product’s advantages.

We are ready to increase sales of any web-shop twice without raise of your budget! The existing customers will buy more goods or services and they will do this more often

Less Work for Customer Support

When the product (service) is inconvenient, it is necessary to maintain a large customer support team. They constantly answer the same questions from customers. It is not obvious for everyone, that the expenditures for support service exceed the price of a product development.

We give businesses new opportunities for further development, offloading customer support service by improving users’ interfaces.


Increasing of Intranet Portal Efficiency

Business development leads to staff increase. New problems are caused by high costs of internal communications. Companies start implementing Intranet systems, which do not always tackle the aims.

Employees spend a lot of time on unfavorable interfaces of Intranet portal. This is the main reason of performance efficiency decrease, increase of social strains and job dissatisfaction. With the extensive experience of planning employee’s work “space” within the Intranet site, we cut the time of frequently carried out operations and raise employees’ involvement in company’s processes.

Reducing the Costs of Training Employees

Companies spend a lot of resources to communicate with the market by means of call-centers. The turnover of such positions is one of the most highest in the world. Under such circumstances it is necessary to reduce the cost of training of new employees. You can not allow contact center to turn into a training courses.

By developing user-friendly interfaces with our company, you can adequately control and optimize your expenses.